Women more adept as small business owners?

FOXBusiness.com posted a video titled “Tips for Starting a Small Business.” Of course, it gave a lot of information that we already know, such as being cautious with spending, being prepared for failure and remembering that surviving the present will only ease the future.

But one thing that the video touched upon, which I found especially interesting, was the gender aspect of starting a new business. It never crossed my mind before, but how are women versus men faring in entrepreneurship?

Well, the two female small business CEO’s featured in the video, Poppy King and Nell Merlino, argue that women seem to be more able when it comes to heading a business during the recession. King, who founded and owns Lipstick Queen, says that women tend to be more poised when it comes business planning. She says women, because they like to talk a lot more than men, are more likely to start more customer-focused companies where there is much more communication between business and consumer — an element that generally makes businesses more successful.

George Cloutier, the sole male CEO featured in the video, seemed to agree, saying that women tend to also be much more optimistic by nature, something to be valued in gloomy economic times.

FOXBusiness video

Click to watch "Tips for Starting a Small Business"

So, are female business owners more adept than their male counterparts? Well, looking back at my interview last week with Martha Todd, the co-owner of The French Press Cafe, she seemed to indeed have a very optimistic attitude to both her business and the recession. Rather than looking at what may happen, Todd was instead grateful for what has happened. Perhaps in times like these, that’s the best way to go about things.


2 responses to “Women more adept as small business owners?

  1. I was so impressed by this post. It kept me reading and interested, it added video to break up text and it recalled your previous post. What a dynamite blog posting. I will be honest I did click on the other interview. You are not only driving traffic to your blog with a cool article and nice visual aids but also adding traffic to another post on your blog. Nice job.

  2. I’ve heard that women are better at social marketing and men are better at financing, but this is all relative.

    Whether or not your business is a success depends on the effort, planning and work you put into a business. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. We all bring a new set of skills to the arena. It doesn’t appear to be a gender issue, but a hard work ethic.

    There have been similar debates over whether poor people or rich people are better off at business.

    Some would say poor people have more drive to be a success because they don’t want to be poor any longer. Others say, it all depends on who you know. So if you are rich you will surely connect with the right people. We’ve seen both types succeed and fail.

    I’d like to see more focus on why business succeed or fail, so others can learn as well.

    Leah Oviedo
    Investing In Women

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